Hey! I’m Danielle.

I’m into marriage celebrations. I’m into you doing your thing. I have no expectations. I have zero requirements. I like different. I like rad friends. I like outdoor all in one locations. I like family. I like grandma’s wrinkly hands and your snotty nosed nephew. I like your eclectic friend, your mum trying to feed me all day and I really like your overly friendly Uncle Stan. That’s what celebrations are. That’s what I like. I like getting to know you, your family, friends. I will capture your moments from intimate to hilarious and all the goo and epic-ness in between. 

Yeah! What Georgie + Brady said….


When I first met Danielle I immediately relaxed and settled into I confident conversation as she really made me feel at ease with her knowledge and love for photography and weddings in general. My fiancé and I sat and spoke for 2hrs and probably could’ve talked for many more if life allowed it. I think from or first meeting we will potentially have a life long friendship with Danielle and can’t wait to spend our special day with our little pocket rocket photographer and friend.




Danielle… what a genuine, humble, down to earth legend!

At our first meeting I was blown away by how relaxed and comfortable Danielle made us feel, with her genuine interest in both of our lives and how we came to be where we are today. Danielle shared our views on what weddings are about, wanting to capture the special moments and the love that we share.

The experience and passion that Danielle has for her job is inspiring and the advice that she was able to share gave me peace of mind that our special day will be one to remember.

I have full confidence Danielle’s ability to capture the beautiful moments of our day and am now looking forward to our wedding day more than ever.  After only one meeting the compliments that I have for Danielle are endless. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion.


Make it your celebration!

Your celebration needs to be about you and your love for each other. Its a marriage and celebration of love not a wedding. Let go of all the hand me down idea’s of what a wedding should be like or what your cousin or best friend had and celebrate who you are to each other. If you hate formal dinners then don’t have one. If you love a backyard BBQ then have that. Its’ really that simple. If you were to plan your best every celebration with all your favourite people what would you do?

Whatever direction you take you get my total support and limitless chats. All my resources, inspiration and awesome vendor buddies to call on. Your wedding coverage will include all the unrepeatable moments that happen in the nothing spaces going from here to there, walking, talking, the really awesome portraits, commitments and celebrations.

Your collection is complete with high resolution and low resolution images on a USB in colour and black + white edits. Web smart files perfect for sharing.


Collections start at $2600